André Malraux

Compte-rendu du voyage en Angleterre

lundi 8 mai 2017, par Mme LAATEUR


We arrived in London at 3p.m and took the bus for a tour of downtown London. After, we met the families. The mother, Sharon Adams was very nice !

We woke up at 6:30 a.m. In the morning, we saw Big Ben and Westminster. At noon, we ate chips and sandwiches. In the afternoon, we went up the Tower Bridge. In these towers, the floor was transparent !!! After, we saw the most famous monuments of London during a boat cruise. It was beautiful ! For dinner, we ate fish and chips (an English specialty). SO DELICIOUS !! (And Sharon’s daughter is so nice).

In the morning, we visited the British Museum (the Egyptian, Greek and Aboriginal parts). It was very interesting and amazing ! In the afternoon, we went to Camden Town. There a cool shop named CYBORG. It was so amazing with a lot of colors and lights. For dinner, we ate lasagna with chips ! Strange mix… After dinner, we saw a movie on Netflix ! SO COOL !

We visited the Science Museum and the National History Museum. In the Science Museum, there were lots of interactive games about science, it was good. In the National History Museum, there was a big ball on fire at the up the escalator ! We ate sandwiches in front of the museum. In the afternoon, we played in Hyde Park ! After we walked on Carnaby Street. In the evening, we ate a roasted dinner with chips again !

LAST DAY… We walked around Chinatown, Piccadilly and Oxford Street. We went to a toys store. It was really big ! At noon, we ate sandwiches in the airport. In the afternoon, we took the plane back to Marseille …

This trip was great, everybody was friendly and the host family was super nice !!

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